Digis is dumb

Written by NetworkError, on 01-08-2008 22:17
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We've finally totally lost line-of-sight with our ISP, Digis. I'm not to sad that we're switching. The bandwidth throttling was getting totally out-of-hand. I am a bit annoyed that they won't deal fairly with our cancellation.

Typically, when you cancel an account like this, you either have your service terminated when your next billing cycle would start, or you have the unused time pro-rated and refunded. Digis does neither. They cancel your account immediately, and they don't refund you for the unused service.

For me, this is the last nail in the coffin. I will never use Digis again unless they're the last ISP available. I'll certainly never refer anyone else to them. (Quite the opposite.) I may even right a few more negative reviews on some broadband rating sights. Anything I can do to help them feel my rath. They will rue the day they throttled my bandwidth and refused to prorate my last month. BEGIN YOUR RUEING, DIGIS!

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