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Written by NetworkError, on 04-08-2008 23:27
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After months of crappy Internet, dropped packets, bandwidth throttling, line-of-site issues, and general jerking around, we finally ditched Digis. We just hooked up with Comcast and in spite of all the crap I've been reading on Slashdot, it's rocking my Casba with Torrent downloads. I'm downloading Linux Media Center Eddition at 200kB/s. Digis used to top out at 15kB/s. (No I'm not exaggerating. It was like dialup.)

Digis won't refund our money for the unused portion of the service this month. They also won't keep our service activated until our pre-paid time is used up. In short, they ripped us off for 30 days worth of service. I just wrote my second damning review of their service on a broadband review site. It's the least I could do to repay their consistantly unlovely service.

[Update: Oct 13, 2008]
VISA's dispute department agreed with us. We had our final bill credited to our account. WIN!

[Update: Oct 14, 2008]
Digis wants to send us to collections. BOO!

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