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I found some good motorcycle trails in the middle of town yesterday. Today, Kaiya and I went back and took pictures of them. It's amazing to me that these are right in the middle of my town.

First, we rode down a little dead-end side-road about a mile from my house. And yes... There were Lamas.

At the end of the road, there is a sandy drop-off.

It crosses a little farm-entrance and there is a quarter mile stretch of 4x4 road that goes along the side of the freeway.

The dirt road comes out in a neighborhood with a new set of condos going in next to the freeway

We rode up on top of that big hill just left of center. There's a little stream that runs through the middle of all that mess.

Next we went down the street towards the freeway. About 50 feet down the road is an old, abandoned railroad bed. Now it's a motorcycle freeway for me and Kaiya.

(Looking back at the overpass.)

This is near the freeway overpass at University Parkway where the old track meets the track that's still in service. We saw a train coming the other way. Cal me crazy, but when I saw a train barreling strait for us 100 yards away, it got my heart going in spite of the fact that there are no tracks on this bed. We stopped for a minute and watched the train.

(Looking back the way we came.)

(Another shot looking back the way we came.)

We found an abandoned trailer on the east side of the railroad bed. For a moment, I thought about going exploring with Kaiya, but when we turned the engine off we heard a pack of wild dogs howling from inside. I turned the engine back on, and snapped a quick picture. Then we took off.

The first road we crossed was 2000 south. We were just a stone's throw away from home. Before we pulled into the driveway, we zipped across the big empty lot across the street.

When we got home, Don was over visiting and Kaiya got her usual cracker treat.

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