The New Site (n.e.o. 4.1) Is Up!

Written by NetworkError, on 15-10-2008 21:06
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After um...  *counts on fingers* ...5 years, I finally have NetworkError.org back up.  This is the fourth iteration of my site.  (I've worked up two versions of this layout, thus the '.1'.)  This site has become an all-purpose blog for me, my life, my projects, etc...  Hopefully some of that stuff appeals to you.  If so, please comment and share.

  Thanks for visiting.

P.S.  Since the layout of this site is extreemly expirimental, you may note the occasional oddity in page rendering.  I'm fixing these as I find them.
P.P.S.  Alpha blended PNGs are pretty nifty.  Yell

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