Memorial Day Weekend

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We went up to my brother Dan's place in Manila over the weekend. We went to the Dinosaur museum and the beach. Alice and Avery had fun at the beach. We built a giant sand castle with a moat that was about 5 feet in diameter. Kaiya liked the water but didn't like the sand. She doesn't like getting dirty. Undecided

We also hung out on the porch a lot, played Bashido Blade on the Playstation, and watched movies on my projector. Dan let me nail a bed sheet up in his living room to use as a screen.

Swinging at Dan's

When we got home, I ran over to Jon's and got my old motorcycle (Yamaha Enduro 250) running and rode it home. (Riding on flat tires is fun.) Once I drained the old gas, dumped in new stuff, and figured out what switches needed to be in what position, it started right up. (Surprising, since it's been sitting for 4 years.) It still needs blinkers, crank oil, and a few other odds and ends. I'm hoping to get it street legal and make it my summer-time commuter bike. Then I could go dirt-biking on my lunch hour. Meep!

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