UTF-8 Character Map

Written by NetworkError, on 07-01-2009 12:00
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I have added search functionality. You can search for any UTF-8 character (within the first 1,000,000 characters) and it will take you to the correct page and highlight the right row. I've updated the source code below.

I recently needed to write tests using some UTF-8 characters from specific ranges. I couldn't find a character map I liked out on the Intertubes, so I whipped one up myself. It's not what I would consider "well written", but it does work so I thought I would share it here.

You can see the UTF-8 character map in action here.

You can download the code here. (It's a bit ugly. It started as a pet project and grew out of control. You know how it is.)

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Posted by Pedro Baram, on 04-07-2013 00:03, IP, Registered
1. UTF-8 Character Map
I am writing electronic invoice software and the invoice provider requires my text file with the invoice information to be formated in UTF-8 format. 
I have a command in 4th Dimension (the lenguage I am using to program that allows me to import a character map, but I need to read it from disk from a text file with only two columns: Unicode Number and Character. 
I don't see in your UTF-8 Character Map any way of downloading the map. Is there anyway of getting it from you as a mail attachment? 
I would really appreciate it. 
Thank you 
Pedro Baram (Mexico)
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