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Written by NetworkError, on 01-08-2008 21:49
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I know I'm a bit odd for thinking this, but my 1978 Yamaha Enduro DT250 is a thing of beauty. Over the past few months it's gone from mothballs in my friend's shed to nearly street legal. I haven't had to do much to it either. I had to clear out the old oil and clear a clog in the air intake for the oil tank yesterday. *shrug*

I've been riding it to work for several days now and it's great. I get a lot of weird looks from people when I ride it. I don't think they see that kind of thing on the road to often. I also feel pretty odd parking it next to all the shiney new bikes at work. All well.

I've also been taking Kaiya for rides and she's loved it. (We chased some birds across an empty lot a few days ago and she shouted "tweet tweet" the whole way through. Then she yelled "Weee!" all the way down the hill to our house.)

I've also shown it off to a few coworkers. My boss, Jaimee and our configuration manager Griswald both took it for a spin around the parking lot. For some of my coworkers, I think it's a total nostalgia thing. I know it is for me. :)

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