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Written by: NetworkError, on 10-10-2008 09:40
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"About Me" pages are always tricky, you know? On the one hand, one wants to give a visitor a better understanding about one's self and the site the visitor has stumbled on. On the other hand, one doesn't want to give too much away or give the impression that one is self-centered or just plain nuts.

Who am I?

I'm a computer geek living in Utah. I go by the alias NetworkError. I have a wife, kids, and a killer cat. I'm currently employed as a Quality Assurance Engineer at Omniture.

I'm into computers, hardware, books, movies, music, etc... I play guitar, program, and build the occasional PC when my budget allows. I also like the out-of-doors, camping, river-running, shooting, etc...

What's on this Site?

I put this site up originally around 2000 because I thought "hey cool! website!". It took a few years to figure out that I needed some substantial content, and the site when through a number of evolutions. (This is the fourth.)

This site serves as my online project log and journal. I track all kinds of projects (from coding to construction), what my family is up to, things I'm interested in, etc... It's also my online dumping ground for pictures, programs, ideas, and anything else I need to put out on the tubes.

Why "NetworkError"?

I have gone by the alias NetworkError since high school. I picked up the alias in a networking class. My classmates were in the habit of abandoning Quake games when I joined because I had a tendency to frag them. All of them. It was great... For me. :) So I started joining as "NetworkError". (It was a networking class. Geek humor.) It only worked for a few minutes, but the name has stuck ever since.

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