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Written by: NetworkError, on 14-10-2008 21:38
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Sometimes it's fun to take a trip down memory lane. I dug up a bunch of sites I built many many years ago. Several of them are predecessors to this site. Some of them are just little side-projects. They're all just static HTML and often over-done Photoshop effects. I've listed them in chronological order. You may notice that I get less and less egotistical as time goes on. AMAZING! Enjoy!

zebra_NT4.0_web 1.0  (1998)
This is almost my first web page ever. (Thankfully, my very first tribute to my own ego is actually still floating around the modern incarnation of GeoCities somewhere.) This was hosted from my windows NT machine at Zebra and was only accessible from the internal network.

Active Desktop Background (1999)
This little beauty was my old active desktop wallpaper.  It would surf the web for me.  Any time I had my windows minimized, I could glance over all my favorite sites.  Some of them are still around, so parts of this thing still work.

zebra_NT4.0_web 2.0 (~1999 - 2000)
This was another site I hosted from my NT box at Zebra. By this time, my NT box became a dust-collector. (It was an old Pentium 100. It had a great 4x CD-Rom that could read through really badly scratched CDs so I used it for ripping.)

NetworkError.Org 1.0 (2000)
The very first site, originally hosted from GeoCities, if I remember correctly. Later, a friend of mine, Ash (who now works at Microsoft) hosted it from his house.  Please forgive the oversized ego present on this site.  Ugh.

Morgan Engineering (~2002)
This was a site TaoLung and I built for a GIS company. They didn't like it - it never saw the light of day. (I can't say I blame them. In my defense, they kept sending us mockups in Microsoft Word... They were horrible.)

NetworkError.Org 2.0 (2002)
A very short-lived version of my site. I built this right after the Morgan project. I think I had the initial version of n.e.o. 3.0 up 2 or 3 weeks later. *shrug*

NetworkError.Org 3.0 (2002 - 2003)
This one is actually OK, IMHO. It's still all static HTML with no CSS. *shudder* But there is a lot of content, it's well organized and the look is refined. I still like this site, actually.

Gogyen's Ice Cave (~2003)
This was a site I built for a friend of mine by the nickname of Boo (or Gogyen). It never saw the light of day, but it was a fun way to kill an evening.

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