Disneyland Vacation

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We went on a Disneyland and San Diego Zoo vacation for almost two weeks from June 9th to June 20th. The trip went something like this:

After we finished recovering from Kaiya's birthday party the day before, we drove to Mysti's mom (Bonnie) house on June 9th and stayed over. (I fixed the leaky drain in the kitchen sink so she could start using it again.) We continued on to Anahiem the next day and got settled in our hotel. We went swimming in the pool that night and went shopping at Walmart and La Grande supermarket.

On June 11th, we got up a little early and headed to Disneyland. We spent all day in the original park (not the new Callifornia Adventure park). Kayia met princesses, rode dumbo and tea cups, and we toured all over the park. We also checked out Tom Sawer's island (wich now shares space with a pirate cove). Kaiya loved the tree house. Her favorite was the Year of a Million Dreams paraid. (I called in the Princess Paraid.) She sat on my shoulders as I sat on the front row and she alternated between stunned, jaw-dropped shock (the good kind) and waving her arms at her side and bouncing up and down. The Alice in Wonderland float stopped in front of us and Alice wished Kaiya a happy birthday. I liked the flower dancer's stilts. I want a pair. The had 2 to 3 foot long flexed polymer ankles that allowed them to jump really high. We got lucky and were able to sneak into the line for the Finding Nemo Submarine ride before the parade crowd had gotten moving. Normally the wait is crazy (up to 5 hours).

On June 12th, we went to the Zoo. She liked the Hipos (because of the under-water viewing tank), but wasn't too taken by much else.

On June 13th, we went to Sea World. She liked the funny show with the seals. We sat in the soak zone for the Dolphin show and she didn't like that. I road the Atlantis roller coaster. We saw Shamu in the "Believe" show.

On June 14th, we took a day off and went to the beach. I swam far out until the life guard flagged me down and I swam back. Kaiya liked the concept of the beach as long as she didn't have to touch the sand or water. :) We got Mysti to swim in the water and I held Kaiya while we waded out into the waves.

On June 15th, we got up late and went to the Wild Animal Adventure park. The layout was just crazy. We couldn't find anything. We finally got on the safari tour and got to see most of the park that way. It was pretty cool.

On June 16th, we headed back to Disneyland. Kaiya got to get pictures taken with the princesses and we checked out a little of the California adventure. Kaiya liked the Monster's Inc. ride. I loved the roller coaster and Twighlight Zone tower. Her favorite part was the Bug's Life sprinkler park. She got totally soaked. We watched the "Play" paraid with Lighning McQueen, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, The Incredibles, etc... Later, we watched the Electric Light paraid. Big Ben broke down in front of us and we got to watch Captain Hook and Peter Pan duke it out for about 15 minutes before the towed the float on to much chearing from the crowd.

On June 17th, we headed back to the California Adventure to use our Magic Morning pass. Too bad it wasn't valid in that park. (Fine print.) It was crazy. The new Toy Story ride was opening so it was way too crowded and the California Dream Pier was closed for part of the morning. We got some fast passes and got to ride some fun rides. Mysti went on the Tower of Terror. I rode the roller coaster. We road the big, swinging faris wheel. We saw the Mupet's 3D Movie. We all got soaked at the Bugs Life sprinkler park. We also got to ride the Pirates of the Caribean ride. (They reopened it as we were walking by.) And we road the haunted mansion ride. We saw the afternoon Princess Paraid. And we saw the fireworks show. (That was really cool.) Kaiya didn't like the fireworks. The big, bright lights scared her.

On June 18th, we got up late. We got some lunch and decided last minute to clear out the room and check out. We got out right before house cleaning was closing up shop for the day. We headed back to Bonnie's house and I fixed a bunch of stuff for her:

  • Installed a new facet in the kitchen.
  • Redid the dishwasher drain to allow for a new spay nozzle.
  • Redid PVC and spickit in front of the house.
  • Fixed the leaky toilet.
  • Changed a bunch of burnt out light bulbs.
We ended up staying an extra day and didn't get home until the 20th. It was a great vacation.

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