Legalize It (Enduro Project)

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I've been working on getting the old 1978 Yamaha Enduro DT250 all street legal. It didn't help that they started requiring blinkers on safety inspections shortly after I started the registration process. That put my way behind. I thought I would chronicle all the things I've done so far and what's left to do.


  • Checked and replaced fluids (as necessary).
  • Checked oil pump calibration.
  • Installed rear-view mirror. (A little cross-threaded - the threads are bad... But it's on tight enough. Like my pappy always says, "done is good".)
  • Reconnected tail light. (Sam Carmichael did this for me. It was a great primer on wiring and dissembling the bike.)
  • Re-ran wires for rear blinkers.
  • Installed new flasher unit. (Still not flashing. I think the fact that the battery is dead is causing the problem. Not enough juice to trigger the flash maybe?) Update (Apr 11, 2009):If you don't push enough power to the flasher unit, it will not flash your blinkers. Make sure your batter is in very good shape and fully charged before testing your flasher unit. (It will not blink at all otherwise.)

Not Done:

  • Replace rear tire with DOT all-purpose tire. (I'd like to do the front too, but it's already street legal. Rear tire should be done tomorow.)
  • Assemble custom 6 volt blinkers for rear. (I have the guts, just need the housing. Tomorrow.)
  • Service and possibly replace the battery.
  • Get the safety test done and obtain the license plate. (Obviously not done.)
  • Get my motorcycle license. (Pfft. Like that will stop me from riding it.)

It's been a fun project so far, though it's gone far longer than I had originally intended. It's been a great way to get more into mechanical stuff. The motorcycle is old enough to work on easily. The parts are fairly strait-forward, and I don't need a jack or garage space. I've been ripping it apart and putting it back together in the driveway. When I'm not working on it, it lives under a tarp. I still don't know what I'll do with it this winter. Hmmm...

The biggest challenge so far has been the rear blinkers. The DT250 runs on a 6 volt electrical system. The power is precariously balanced to the point that if one bulb burns out, it will shorten the life-span of the rest. And they just don't make 6 volt motorcycle stuff much anymore. I'm planning to gut some rear-blinker housings and install my own 6 volt sockets and bulbs. I've already done a proof-of-concept with hardware from radioshack (flashlight bulbs) and it looks like it should work.

Now, as the Obama fanboys on would say... Pics or it didn't happen.

Kaiya on the Enduro
Kaiya on the Enduro.

Enduro Torn Appart
I had to take the gas tank and seat off to swap out the flasher unit and rewire the rear turn signals.

All Wired and Ready for a Tire
Up on blocks. I'll take the read tire in to get swapped for a DOT tire tomorrow. You can see the new wiring for the rear blinkers hanging out. I'll pick up the housings tomorrow.

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