Enduro is street legal

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For the final phase of the Enduro project, I picked up some cheep blinkers with the intent of ripping them apart and installing 6 volt bulbs and sockets. However, this turned out the be unnecessary. The bulbs are dual-filament and it appears each filament is 6 volts. So I hooked up one filament, set aside the wire for the other, and attached the ground wire to the body. Magic! Blinkers!

When I went to get it inspected, the look on the mechanic's face was priceless. He looked dubious, to say the least. First he asked me to start it with a "will it really run?" sound in his voice. Then he started asking if this, that, and the other thing works. He also asked if the breaks work; I don't think he was taking anything for granted.

Side-note: I also test drove a 2008 Honda on/off road bike with a 230CC 4 stroke engine. (They don't make 2 strokes anymore. Bummer.) It was quiet and rode smooth, but lacked the kick-in-the-pants my 2 stroke has when I downshift and punch it. The power-band was too even. I like a little spike at the top end for rocketing up hills and off jumps. I'll have to try a few Yamaha thumpers and see how they compare.

So all went well and it passed inspection. It's still running well. I took it all over the trails and roads up Provo canyon. That was a blast.

The battery is all but shot so that will need replacing soon. As it is, I have to ride around for 20 minutes to get enough charge for the blinkers to work when idling. And coming down from Squa peak at night was interesting... The headlight was only bright when the engine was reved up so I was having to rev the engine as I coasted down the road.

We're also working on rigging up stirups for Kaiya. We did a proof-of-concept today with a few old belts and a bungee cord. We rode all the way to the Auto Zone on State and 300 South (and back). She seemed much more comfortable. We'll have to stich together something more permanent with fewer buckles.

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