Fixing the Lasko Ceramic Heater

Written by: NetworkError, on 13-10-2008 19:09
Last update: 13-10-2008 19:21
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Our bathroom gets ridiculously cold in the winter. (It was built as an addition. The builder made the walls entirely out of cinder block. No dry-wall. No insulation. Brrrrr.)

When our space heater stopped working, we all started to worry. Luckily, it just needed dusting. Our house is rather dusty and after 4 years, our filter-less Lasko heater was a little worse for wear.

A few screws later, I had the whole thing apart and dusted.

The heating element (the center brick in the main unit) was 3/4 clogged. The rest of it was full of big dust bunnies too.

Once I got it back together, it worked better than it had in years. It's as good as new.

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